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SASTRAD KK is all about quality; quality vehicles, quality prices and quality service. Exporting all over the world since 2006, SASTRAD KK offers the best of Japanese and European cars to the world! Buying at over 110 Japanese used car auctions, we buy cars, trucks and special units like construction equipment. We have our own garage called Pit Stop Garage (get inspections and pre-export maintenance done here). Our spare parts business with our sister company ACME KK offer clients the option of filling a container of cars and parts! We have our own auction site at SASTRAD Auction Site

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1-206, Kibuki-cho Kita, Kasugai-shi, Aichi 487-0015 Tel 0568-29-8730, Fax 0568-29-8731

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Welcome to SASTRAD KK

Launched in 2006, we are a vehicle export, product import, and shipping company based in Nagoya Japan. As we are owned by an English speaking Canadian, our office language is English! Our vehicle clients come from all over the world, and are vehicle dealers and private individuals. We do our best to provide personal service in a timely manner. Talk to us about our Pit Stop Garage. At Pit Stop we help clients with inspections and pre-export service. We also install vehicle modifications and do steering conversions.

Visit our YouTube page for more information about SASTRAD, how the auction buying works, and many more interesting topics!

Our sister company, ACME KK, is the only English speaking vehicle dismantling company owned by English speakers. We specialize in customs car dismantling. We load our own containers of car and truck parts in the ACME yard! Contact SASTRAD for more information about how to buy parts/car cuts.

SASTRAD also develops markets for new product introduction into Japan. Speak with our staff about introducing your product to Japan.

 Registration Date Decoder for Japanese Vehicles

 We are also happy to offer to the public a registration date decoder. It may not be perfect, so let us know if there are any issues. 

  1. Type the Chassis (VIN) Number of the vehicle in the "Frame number" box.
  2. Select the car manufacturer's name from the "Firm" drop down menu.
  3. Click "Define" and a small window will appear with the Month and Year of Manufacture of the vehicle.

Vehicles production date

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